1972 Dinner at the Kirribilli Club
Friday 27th of August 2010


As you can see everyone at this stage is still well behaved and trying to impress
however the give away is Michael Still
on the far right with the heavy duty weaponry in hand


Photos courtesy of Damian Macey SAC 1974
more pictures are coming:


Seated L-R: Tony Firth, Paul Rowland, Michael Fitzgerald, Eddie Hollebecq.
standing L-R: Paul Tumminello, Peter Karbowiak, Peter Lewis, John Liddy, Graham Bornholt.

L-R: Peter Mahoney, Tony Firth, Paul Rowland Eddie Hollebecq, Luke Fay

Tony Melrose seated right hand corner

Left side: Paul Rowland, Mick Fitzgerald, Eddie Hollebecq, Luke Fay, Vince Sweeney
standing behind: Peter Lewis, Graham Bornholt, Peter Karbowiak, Bruce Brew,

right hand side: Tom Jenkins, MarcMcEvoy, Pat Donnelly, Martin Cooke, Peter McCulloch obscured, Peter Carmody, John Liddy, Ian Troy standing,

Cooke & Donnelly

L-R: Peter Hamilton, Peter Carmody, Eddie Hollebecq and Luke Fay

Tom Jenkins and Paul Rowland


Paul Tumminello, Peter Mahoney (looking very cool and fit) Vince Sweeney.


Tom Jenkins & Tony Melrose


"Now listen McEvoy I kissed her first!" says Donnelly "Like hell you did!" says McEvoy
Michael Still, looking very bemused at these "childish & funny man antics".
Peter Karbowiak concentrating on the game and Tom Jenkins looking to Michael Still in agreement


Michael Still & Tom Jenkins
The unanimous decision on the night was that Mike Still is our personal candidate for
the next Governor General.

Paul Tuminello in a typical "Tumm" pose trying to convince Tony Melrose to buy Tasmania.
Peter Mahoney thinking "Tumm has simply not changed".
Tony Firth looking on fascinated and not certain what to believe.


Mick Fitzgerald trying to spin a yarn and Graham Bornholt not believing a word of it
and Vince Sweeny, looking on, is highly amused.
What hair dye is Ian Troy using lower right?
Ian please send me the answer in a private email!

John Liddy & Peter Lewis who looks exactly the same as the Chess Team photo from 1971 on our first page.
Congratulations Peter!


L-R: Ian Troy, John Liddy, Peter Carmody, Peter McCulloch and Martin Cooke


Peter Lewis and John Liddy, Graham Bornholt & Bruce Brew
seated Eddie Hollebecq and Luke Fay

Reflective moments: Peter Carmody and Paul Tumminello
What's Melrose doing in the background?


Reminiscing: Graham Bornholt, Pat Donnelly and Michael Still