"As Vitellia, the devious, misanthropic tantrum-throwing daughter of deposed Emperor Vitellius, Rosamund Illing is ideally cast. Illing has a marvelous sense of stagecraft and every bit of malice was delivered venomously. When required, she was truly funny. Besides her acting abilities, the plaudits she has received are well deserved. Her voice is even across the range and there is a breezy openness in her tone that is matched by her scrupulous attention to detail and natural musicality. She is an excellent Mozart singer."
Michael Easton, The Sun-Herald (May 7, 1999)

"Rosamund Illing as Vitellia--one of Mozart's many impressively vindictive woman--delivered a searingly focused performance, as alert in her recitatives as in her arias and ensemble work, and singing evenly and impressively."
Peter Burch, The Australian (May 7, 1999)

"The most complex character is the embittered Vitellia, and Rosamund Illing is convincing as a vengeful harridan. She is also a femme fatale out of film noir before the event, who can convince the decent Sesto to kill for her. The part contains a number of spectacular high Ds and also a very low tessitura that tests any soprano. The fact that Illing negotiates these passages without apparent stress is a tribute to her taste and musical expertise."
John Slavin, The Age (May 1999)

"... Rosamund Illing has pretty much cornered the market in villainesses such as Vitellia with her utterly secure, titanium-edged soprano and evident relish of such characters. From beginning to end she was the self-obsessed schemer, and one did not believe her volte-face at the end for a second."
Deborah Jones, The Australian (January 1997)

"... the greatest vocal consistency of the night came from the women, notably Fiona James in the cross-dressing part of Sesto, and Rosamund Illing as Vitellia."
Peter McCallum, Sydney Morning Herald (January 1997)