"Soprano Rosamund Illing, all pretty storybook heroine, but spunky when it comes to fighting off the dastardly villian, is surely the ideal Amalia, singing strongly when necessary but also capable of toning her lovely timbre down to a silvery thread."
Maria Prerauer, The Australian (October 1, 1994)

"... Illing, a splendid all-round singer, ...has found her ideal repertoire ..."
Ken Healey, Sun Herald (October 1, 1994)

"Rosamund Illing, finding a new, rather sharper-edged tone to go with Amalia's dedication to one or two simple ideas, is admirable in her control of agile phrasing....Leaving out of account the incomparable Sutherland (who took the part in 1980 and who was in this festival's opening night audience), Illing conquered some initial signs of nervousness to give a strong and solidly defined performance."
The Sydney Morning Herald (October 1, 1994)

"But it is still the major principals who must make us feel, however improbable the situation or bizarre the sentiment, that at any salient moment this is the only possible thing for them to say or do. The singers who do this most successfully are Kenneth Collins as Carlo, the rejected son who is avenging himself on the world, and Rosamund Illing, as his beloved, and sensationally faithful Amalia."
Roger Covell, Sydney Morning Herald (October 1, 1994)