Operafolks suggests that you choose an alias under which to post rather then your own name. The discussion board has been configured in such a way that anyone can post with complete anonymity so that you can have your say and not fear revealing yourself. A new feature allows you to recieve an email when someone replys to your post, but you are not required to submit a genuine email address unless you would like to take advantage of this feature. The choice is yours.

The forum will be monitored for inappropriate posts and these will be either edited or deleted. It is not Operafolks intention to heavily censor posts, nor do the opinions expressed on the board necessarily reflect those of the Operafolks team. This is simply a service provided for people to express their personal opinions and share personal views. We have added a link to the old discussion board so you can view previous posts, we're sure you'll find the new board a vast improvement.

click here for the discussion board

old discussion board here

Many thanks to Brad Carter for his invaluable effort in setting up the board